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    picture 1
    picture 2
    Water Lilies in WanYi Garden
    New stuff restaurant above
    picture 3
    picture 4
    Fire protection rehearsal
    Safety knowledge competition
    on Good Health Cup
        2、To construct a civilized big beautiful garden
    Since its establishment, the company had made the construction of garden style environment, which is to imply the company’s management concept into the flowers and trees, the waters and stones, the towers and pavilions and the bridges and corridors according to the company tenet “employees first while customers uppermost” and the human-being first management requirement “beautifying the environment to optimize our living standard”. In Jan.2002, she was appraised as “Garden Style Enterprise” by Wuxi government. Now, she has established totally five workshops like JiangNan, Rome,GrateWall, TaiShan and AnYuan, which has their own features that symbolize the character of Yida’s Culture “mingle the cultures of China and the west world”.
        To ensrue the security, the company pays great attention to the accident prevention. The company’s  leaders caveat the employees all the time “accidents are derived from temporary careleesness and good fortune owes to the consecutive caution” and hold fire protection drilling together ith the local fire fighting lochus every year to improve the employees’fire protection consciousness and their ability of self-aid complying with the slogan “ Frequently walk along with riverside, should make sure that one's shoes never be wetted.” On the May25,2004, the Secure Supervision Bureau from the State Department greatly commended the company’s security culture when they paid the duty inspection visit to Yida.
        Yida has passed the ISO14001, ISO9001, 2000 and OHSMS18001 in 2003, and successfully completed the update as well as the audit work of cleansing production in 2006, which promoted the company’s environment-protection and cleansing production work to a new stage.
        The company increased the investment on environment protection by way of ensuring the waster wate reach the standard before draining; the
    aquamarine water streams, birds joyously sing and kinds of fishes wander in pools perennially. When the spring comes, it is so colorful with so many kinds of flowers and trees in the company’s garden named Wanyi, which provide a picturesque working and living enviroment for the staffs.
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