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    Security training
     Mrs. Sun Yinfen is
     studying in Peking
    Staffs are reading in the

    To be a self learning and improving school
    It is the primary aspect of the company management to cultivate the technicians and improve the staffs' holistic diathesis. Sine its esteblishment, the company had constructed a training center equiped with library and ballroom so as to meet the company’s training requirements. The trainings are as follows
        Invite experts from outside for internal training:In the company’s project construction, Yida invited experts and professors from every walk of life to train the employees in batch on operation training aperiodically, which enable the employees to mastery the theoretics as well as improving their practical abilities
        Invite elitists: Yida invites the retired PHP as its perennial consultant to supervise the projec construction, besides, the company invites a group of elitists from the labor market to extend the construction team, which offers the possibility to make sufficient intellect support for the enterprise.
        Choose staffs to further study in universities: The company choose a group of excellent staffs to attend in an advanced studies all over the country. Since 2002, there were more than 10 staffs(now they are the cadreman of the company) had come back to the company after finishing their studies in Jiangsu Petrochemical Technology College and Nanjing Science and Technology University. Besides, an undergraduate student was chosen to read for master in Peking Chemical University, and he had come back in 2004. He was in charge of a subject research and tackled many key problems.
        General worker’s training: Green hands shouled be trained on security, environment protect and special technics arranged by Human Resource Department. Noboday would be approved to work before being skilled or getting the pass certificate, and they will be trained  for proof according to the betterment of the  technics aperiodically.
        Technician’s training: The company will choose a group of technicians like electricians, locksmith, pressure vessel operators and forklift drivers from various departments to be trianed every year. For example, Yida invited the teacher from the Skilled Workers Training School of Jiangyin Dockyard in order to reach the aim of one worker with several skills.
        Keep the culture training to improve the staffs’ diathesis: The company invites a retired quality Chinese teacher to teach the staffs on classical literature, peoms, contemporary literature, solocit articles, writting and etc. all the year round to improve their Chinese knowledges, literature culture as well as the behave principles.The company was awarded as the Type of Learning Unites by Jiangyin government, and as Outstanding Enterprise on Coporation Culture by Jiangsu Province for organizing manifold trainings well for staffs.

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