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  •    Combine the east and west cultures to gestate a magnanimous happy Yida culture.
         The board of Yida had taken it seriously to construct its culture since the establishment by implying the important thought of “The three representatives” as the soul of Yida culture to “six constructions”.
         The six constructions consist of a super excellent specialized base, a safe and civilized beautiful garden, a self-learning school, a noble moral cultivating and strong will annealing smelter,a life value realizing and self behaving stage, a mutual respect and harmonious family
         Since Yida put “The Six Constructions” in practice, the whole company appeared to be thriving, and it reached the aim of insuring employees work happily and contentedly. The company will continuously follow the requirements of the sixth session of sixteenth congress complied with the important thoughts of the “Three representatives” to construct a harmonious, safety and sustainable developing enterprise.
    picture 1
    picture 2

    The commissioning operation of the 30000MT's Ethylene Glycol Ethers Facility got a great success, and the aunthorities from Jilin Province and the local government came to celebrate on the spot.(picture 1)

     Picture of Zhuhai equipment instruction
    (picture 2)

    1、To construct the most super excellent specialized base of glycol ethers.
        To realize the goal, it needs the innovative support of Yida culture. Since its establishment, Yida had confirmed its company spirit; rout the poor rootstock to lead a rich and civilized life. The company spirit also embodies deep meanings: spurn the old concepts, consciousness, conventions and thoughts, not only pursue the rich in substance but in spirit. It requires all the employees to behave and talk felicitously, to keep the environment clear and relationship harmonious. It also requires the company to keep pace with the times, to make great progress with innovation, to catch the chance so as to realize outstanding achievements.
        To realize those aims mentioned the board of the company put forward specific measures: “qualified abilities, excellent services, technology innovation, and good impressions”. The qualified abilities refer to four points: one is to ensure the devices’ safety, second is to make sure the quality is eligible, the third is to make furthest profit, the forth is to be credible. Besides, it required the employees to improve themselves in three aspects: self diathesis, abilities in dealing with matters, getting higher degrees. The excellent services require all the people in Yida to offer good services 24hours a day, 356days a year, to understand that to meet our clients’ needs are of all our employees’ responsibilities.
        Yida puts great concern on technology innovations: Since the cooperation with Nanjing Forest University in 2000 to establish the unique domestic research center of glycol ethers, Yida had formed an innovative consecutive system from research to industrialization. Approved by the ministries and commissions of Jiangsu province: eight kinds of Yida brand products have been approved as new high-tech products in Jiangsu Province and Propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate as nationally key new product. At the meanwhile, two of which was approved as Jiangsu superexcellent new product (Taurus Award). The company was independently in charge with the research program of Triethylene glycol monomethyl ether and Propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate, the National Torch Program and National Science and Technology Ministry’s Technology Innovation Fund Program which are for medium-typed enterprises. In the year 2003, Yida cooperated with Nanjing Forest University to exploder propylene glycol monomethyl ether, which was a technically tackling key problem of Jiangsu Province. The company had registered totally seven products for patent, and four of them have been warranted by the National Information Property Right Bureau. The new products and technology invented by the company has been awarded as the first prize for the technical progress for continuous four years. And the environment friendly catalyze-synthesizing technology of propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate was awarded as the second prize for technical progress by Institute of National Petrol-chemistry industry. In the year 2006, the company was awarded as technically innovative demonstrating enterprise by Chinese Chemistry Industry Institute. In recent years, the company have received hortative fund totally for RMB3, 000,000.00 for technical progress by the government in Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, and the State separately, which enabled Yida to make great progress in technical innovations.
        Yida was awarded as “key high-tech enterprise of national torch program” by National Science and Technology Ministry in 2004, which meant that its name matched the reality, Yida had been the superexcellent producing base of glycol ethers.
        In the year 2006, the board of Yida company put forward a management conception: scan the world wide, succeed the soul of the traditions, compete with innovative concepts and create new series of products according to the requirements of the company and the national Eleventh Five-year Plan. In addition to, Yida put forward a stratagem named “Three Rivers” which meant to establish three plants in the three main big rivers in China to improve the company’s competition power across-the –board. Besides Nanjing Forest University, the company cooperated with Dalian Science and Technology University as well to create new techniques and products, which have made great achievements by now.
        The “Three Rivers” stratagem is to roundly improve the company’s safety supervision, environment protection and management in the headquarters (along with the Yangzi River), and establish two new plants one is in Zhuhai (along with the Zhujiang River) and the other is in Jilin( along with the Songhuajiang River) with total throughput of more than 30,000.00 metric tons of glycol ethers together with raw materials, which will enable the company to reach a saleroom of 1 billion RMB by the end of the nation’s Eleventh Five-year Plan.
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